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Update: Apparently there was some kind of auto-recovery, and the house came back! Yay!

My elementary-aged daughter loves designing houses using a free house plans software. Today, she spent all of her screen time working on this really amazing house with ball rooms and chandeliers and rooms for cat families, etc.

But she didn’t save her work, and the program crashed. I just held her and let her cry. I’m so sad for her to have to experience this so early in life, but it’s something most of us experience at some point in our lives. We work really hard finally finishing that first draft, and the computer crashes and goes back to factory settings. We spend a couple hours writing a breathtakingly amazing scene, but the program closes and auto recovery doesn’t auto-recovery it. We work hard knitting a pair of mittens so our fingers will stay warm this winter, and then they disappear along with the coat in whose pockets they were. Then you start a second pair of mittens, and this time, the whole work bag disappears with all of your crochet utensils and special yarn and needles and . . .

Not that I’m speaking from experience. . . .

I’m happy to report that my daughter is doing okay and working on another house. It’s really difficult to lose our hard work, but it doesn’t have to be the end. It may take some time. We might have to set it aside for weeks before we can face it again. The second time around might not be as breathtaking as the first time, but it can still be good. The third pair of mittens will stick around and keep your fingers warm for years. 😉

So remember to save often! But if something does happen to your hard work, it’s okay to grieve. It’s also okay to try again.

Happy Writing!


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I have always loved writing stories, but I was surprised as an adult to learn I love teaching as well. I hold a B.A. in Digital Writing and an M.F.A in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Fantasy has always been my first love in literature. Superheroes and science fiction also hold a special place in my heart. My favorite audience is middle grade readers, but I enjoy young adult fiction as well.


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