A Fall of Survival

I had grand plans for all the posts I was going to write this fall, but this fall has been a season of survival. I had to let go of my blog and marketing my book for a little in favor of personal needs, like my job and being there for my family.

I went to the doctor a lot and received several diagnoses, including POTS, which is a heart/circulation condition. I was told to eat more salt! Yes, more salt. I had been trying not to give in to my salt cravings because I had heard eating salt was bad for you, but like so many things in life, that’s only part of the story. So, as directed, I have been eating more salt, and I’ve actually been feeling a little better. Yay!

I’ve been able to write some. I had hoped to write a middle grade fantasy during November as a pseudo-NaNoWriMo, especially as numerous people are asking when my next (implied MG) book will be coming out.

As much as I want to write and publish another book, I’ve had to be gentle with myself and tell myself that writing anything is a big win for me and my health, even if it won’t become the next published book.

Sometimes writing is just too difficult for my brain or my body or both. I tried drawing, but that was too exhausting, too. For some reason, I had this hunch that digital drawing would work for me. So after feeling much inspired by the webcomic I have recently begun following (post about that to come), I watched some tutorials, did some research, and downloaded Krita.

Here’s my first digital artwork!

This was just playing around. No particular plan or inspiration, but it looked sort of Egyptian-inspired once I was done.

Okay, so not really my first, but my first in a long time. I dabbled in digital art in college, but I thought I was just goofing off. I didn’t know it was a thing. Also (I feel old admitting this), YouTube tutorials weren’t a thing, and I wasn’t great at finding information, so everything I learned was completely on my own. Whenever I am self-taught, I stay mostly with basics. I’m not one of these people who can become amazing at a something just by playing around.

I also drew this after watching a tutorial by Aaron Rutten:

I did this one on the phone!

I’m not planning on selling digital art or anything, but it is very satisfying. It’s something I’m doing just for me. After two years of surviving and spending all of my energy on keeping my family alive, it’s nice to have a hobby.


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I have always loved writing stories, but I was surprised as an adult to learn I love teaching as well. I hold a B.A. in Digital Writing and an M.F.A in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Fantasy has always been my first love in literature. Superheroes and science fiction also hold a special place in my heart. My favorite audience is middle grade readers, but I enjoy young adult fiction as well.


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