Raising the Next Generation of Writers

Hey everyone! It’s been a busy summer with traveling, author events, writing workshops, and catching up with dear friends. I’ve also been prepping for my classes this fall! I hope to get a bit of writing done in July, but in the mean time, I’ve created a fundraiser to raise textbooks and resources for my middle school and high school English classrooms!

I have a Go Fund Me page where you can donate. These purchases will be checked out to students each year, so they will benefit many students over the years.

If we receive just $25 a day for 60 days, we’ll reach our goal!

Students’ writing skills, understanding, and retention improve significantly when they have a student handbook  to learn from and reference. Short story collections  can be difficult to find and purchase. Literature guides  with reproducible handouts will free me up to spend my time giving students individual feedback rather than prepping handouts and worksheets.

For my middle school students, I will purchase Write on Course 20-20.
This is the updated/most recent version of Writers INC, a popular and useful writing handbook from the early 2000s that has been used and loved by students and homeschool families for decades. This newer version includes information on staying safe online and searching for information on the Internet.

Write on Course 20-20

For my high school students, I will purchase the high school version, Write Ahead.

Write Ahead Handbook

I will also purchase for the high schoolers the short story collection, Little Worlds, which emphasizes different aspects of literature, such as plot, theme, character, and irony.

I hope to raise enough funds to also purchase some resources, such as literature guides from Progeny Press or the book Brightest Heaven of Invention.

Priorities for Funds
  • Top priority for funds is to purchase the writing handbooks.
  • Next priority is to purchase the short story collection.
  • Next priority is to purchase literature guides.
  • If we raise even more funds, I would purchase copies of literature choices or Writing Magic by Gail Carson Levine (for the middle schoolers) or grammar curriculum.

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I have always loved writing stories, but I was surprised as an adult to learn I love teaching as well. I hold a B.A. in Digital Writing and an M.F.A in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Fantasy has always been my first love in literature. Superheroes and science fiction also hold a special place in my heart. My favorite audience is middle grade readers, but I enjoy young adult fiction as well.


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